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Indirect Costs of Research

Overhead charges to cover indirect costs of research must be included in all applicable research grants, research contracts, and contribution agreements as a cost item (this excludes Tri-Agency grants, as well as Canada Foundation for Innovation project grants).? Indirect costs should be included on any external funding used to lever tri-agency or CFI funding.? Adjustments should be made to the project outline and range of work contained in all applicable funding applications so that all required costs can be included in the total budget.? Where a contractor or sponsor (including a government agency) has an established policy that specifies an overhead rate that is different from the StFX University rate, the University will accept that rate if it is verified by the contractor or external sponsor in a way that is acceptable to the University.? Grants from U.S. Government Agencies and from U.S. Universities are usually treated as contracts, and overhead must be included in budgets at the U.S. Government rate.

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